Donations Policy and Guidelines

At Blu Ivory  We're happy to invest in our communities, because we're local.

Blu Ivory  Donation Policies and Guidelines

  1. All donation requests must be submitted through our online application system.
  2. Organizations must have a valid non‑profit status.
  3. Requests need to be received a minimum of 6 weeks before events, programs,
    activities, initiatives or projects begin.
  4. Donation requests must include all the information requested on the application.
  5. All organizations must re‑apply for funds every year within our 6 week policy to be considered for funding  or items for silent auctions ‑ even if we have a long history of funding the organization.
  6. When an organization requests an in‑kind donation, such merchandise,
    the same six week policy rule applies.
  7. If an organization submits a request less than six weeks in advance, it is not
    likely that they will receive merchandise or gift certificates. 
  8. Funding approvals will be given to the non‑profit through a written or verbal

Our Community Investment Program contributes to non-profit organizations that maintain an IRS 501(c) designation and that operate within the immediate Blu Ivory Decor  marketing area. We favor activities, projects, and causes that make a visible and positive difference. We may contribute product, depending on the need.Please note that in order for your request to be considered, it must be submitted online at least six weeks in advance.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

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